German domol automatic drum type washing machine cleaning ag

German washing machine tank cleaner

Product parameters

Brand: DOMOL Product Name: Washing machine cleaning effervescent tablet

Country of origin: Germany Composition: Zinc polyhydroxylate

Specifications: 15gX2 package (4 packs) 15gX4 package (8 packs) 15gX60 block (full box)

Soften water quality, decontamination effervescent tablets

A more effective way to clean

The water quality in Germany and many European countries is very very hard, so if the washing machine uses hard water for a long time, the life of the washing machine will be shortened, and colleagues who increase energy consumption will waste more washing powder.

(Calcium will adhere to the heater of the washing machine and block the washing tank)

domol washing machine effervescent tablets do not enter the cleaning washing machine, know how to maintain the washing machine!

Characteristics of effervescent tablets imported from Germany

Effectively clean the interlayer soap stains of the washing machine tank, remove the stubborn stains in the washing machine tank, and organize secondary pollution, resist bacteria and no moldy smell

Colleagues who cleaned keep the smell of the washing machine fresh; the formula is environmentally friendly without losing the washing machine.