Finish detergent dishwashing block brightener

Product description of finish detergent dishwashing detergent

Product Name: Special washing block for bright dish dishwasher Brand: finish

Net content: 400g (inclusive)-499g (inclusive) Fragrance: no fragrance

Gross weight: 543g Whether to import: Import valuation

Unit: Bag Scope of application: Special for tableware

Packing volume: 980 MOQ: 5000 bags

Exclusive recommendation by a well-known global dishwasher manufacturer

1. How important is the water for washing dishes?

Daily water contains a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions. The content of calcium and magnesium ions is called "water hardness". The higher the content, the harder the water. Hard water will affect the cleanliness of tableware, and the scale will damage the life of the machine.

Use special salt for finish to help the dishwasher solve the trouble of hard water

2. How to know the water quality of my home?

  • Inquiry method: Consult the local tax bureau
  • Testing method: buy water hardness test paper, and follow the instructions to complete the water hardness test;
  • Experimental method: add soapy water to the tap water, the more scum and less foam, the harder the water;
  • Observation method: Observe that in the kettle used normally, the more scale, the harder the water.